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Longevity Tastes Good

Plant-Based Nutrition, Smartly Crafted for Adults >50

Here’s to being greater than 50.

At Perennial, we have tapped into both science and nature to develop solutions smartly crafted for longevity in health of the > 50 class. We’ve spent years designing a beverage that provides cleaner nutrition to fuel your gut, brain and body.

Stay Sharp.

32mg DHA Omega-3’s to support brain health plus Folate, Choline, Vitamins E, B6 & B12.

Digest Life.

5g Prebiotic Fiber* to promote digestive function and increase good bacteria in the gut.

*7g of fat per serving

140 Calorie Mini-Meal.

140 hard working calories with 8g of complete protein in each beverage.

Cholesterol Free
Gluten Free
No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Chill. Shake. Drink. Live Perennial.

Smooth and satisfying, Perennial’s Daily Gut & Brain is best when chilled. Enjoy it as a mini-meal or blended into your daily smoothie.