A Perennial Ode to Dr. Seuss in honor of his birthday.


You 50 plusses
Don’t make fusses
When your health no one discusses
But that was NOT ok with us-es!
We’ll put your needs first—in that you can trust us

We thought and we thought and we still thought some more
We pondered and noodled ‘til our thinkers were sore!
Our aim was nutrition for those fifty and more

To the lab went our thinkers and there we did think
We mixed and we tasted, we tested and tinked
At last, we thought up the missing link
Aha! We exclaimed… a rich, creamy drink!
A nutritious, delicious, delectable drink!

A mini-meal made all with plants
Heck yes it enchants, made only with plants!
Filling, but light, so no need for stretch pants.

Folate, Omegas, Vitamin E
Several B vitamins, even choline?!
Made specially for folks like you or like me!

So versatile, dreamy, care not one scintilla
Whether the bottle is chocolate or if it’s vanilla.

We raise Perennial, our favorite libation!
To honor Doc Seuss’s birthday celebration.