Cheers to a Happy & Healthy New Year

Cheers to a healthy and happy new year

The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.”  Frank Lloyd Wright

Wright’s sentiment rings true for so many of us who are Greater than 50. 

Don’t you find that over time, we become more distilled, crisp versions of ourselves? With earned wisdom, anything that muddles our purpose, that which no longer serves us, we simply allow to fall away. And this lightness grants us a softer lens to see the world around us.

Maybe you’ve found new delight in a tree branch covered in snow; seen the magic of a giggling grandchild; appreciated a project completed with your own hands or the way your partner licks a thumb before turning a page; been mesmerized by an orange tabby curled in a splash of sunlight.

If we are fortunate, if we are paying attention, life does become more beautiful the longer we live.

While many of us pause for this type of reflection regularly, the transition of one year to the next is a time we tend naturally to take stock, to create goals around what we seek and also strive to avoid. This may be even more true than ever after the 2020 we’ve all experienced.

Did last year strengthen your desire to spend more time with loved ones and less time with those who sap your energy? Maybe being outdoors more has inspired you to increase those activities in the coming year.

For so many of us, 2020 reinforced our gratitude for good health, and so next year maybe you’d like to focus on better nutrition or more exercise. If you found joy in creative endeavors these past months, maybe 2021 is your time to pursue them even more!

Because we’ve learned through experience, we recognize that the simple flip of a calendar page is not what drives new habits and change. That when we write resolutions or set intentions, we simply are changing our focus. Setting our sights on where we would like to go, how we would like to continue to grow.

2020 was such a difficult year. We extend heartfelt sympathy to those who have suffered losses—of loved ones, of jobs or income, of hugs and human contact.

It is with hope and optimism that we begin this new year. In that spirit, we’d like to share a few 2021 intentions from of members of our Perennial friends and family.

“2020 sure was full of life lessons! For me, one was recognizing that I actually flourish with quiet solitude. Like everyone else, I’m hoping 2021 brings more time with friends and family, but I want to be sure to prioritize what I learned about myself and carve out time in the mornings for me—to sip tea, meditate, and journal.” Tracy, age 55

“It’s said there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! I race walked so much last year and I plan to continue through winter!” Ross, age 71.

“I miss spending face-to-face time with my grandkids, but I’ve found new ways to enjoy their company. My granddaughter inherited my love of art and we’ve been able to share our latest creations with one another using Facebook and Facetime. I was even able to watch all my grandkids open their presents on Christmas. I’m really enjoying sharing this time with them and plan to continue in coming year.” Cathy, age 67

“I feel better when I drink more water. But, I don’t always remember to stay hydrated. My daughter bought me a 64-oz insulated bottle that is going to stay by my side as I work.” Robin, age 59

How do you aim to make being Greater than 50 even greater in the coming year?

Here at Perennial, we aim to refresh and revitalize bodies; inspire and share ideas; elevate voices and spirits. Happy New Year!