DHA: The Plant-Based Way

Maintaining our mental sharpness is important at any age, particularly for those of us who are Greater than 50. DHA Omega-3 is the most concentrated fatty acid in the brain, and one of the innumerable benefits of this nutrient is that it helps to support brain function.

  1. DHA juices up neurons making them more fluid and flexible – helping them to fire more efficiently and effectively.
  2. DHA has demonstrated improvement to long- and short-term memory.
  3. You’ve heard of leaky gut. Leaky blood-brain barrier is a thing, too. DHA helps keep this barrier intact.

With innumerable benefits, including improving brain function, why wouldn’t you want to benefit from this super nutrient?!

Because historically medical literature has focused on fish and fish oil as the primary source of DHA and EPA. But, what about people who want these benefits but adhere to a plant-based diet? Or those concerned about the environmental impact of overfishing?

 Ever wonder where fish get their high levels DHA and EPA? By consuming algae (or other fish who have consumed algae). A plant. And, you can, too!

 Each serving of Perennial contains 32 mg of vegan-sourced DHA Omega-3 that converts effectively in your body. And, because drinking algae isn’t exactly a yummy treat, we’ve made it taste like creamy vanilla and rich chocolate. Try Perennial today.