Elevate the Power of Your Plate

Do you ever wonder if the nutrients from your food are doing their job? Do you strive to get all your vitamins and minerals, but still aren’t feeling your best? It's possible nutrient absorption is the culprit.

As we get older, our bodies may become less efficient in the way they absorb and process nutrients. For example, for some of us, reduced stomach acid may impede our ability to grab Vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

Generally, we most efficiently use nutrients when they come from food rather than supplements. Which is great because…yay food! It nourishes our body and soul. It connects us to tradition, celebration, family, and shared memories.

So, let’s have a Bacchanalia— feast on lots and lots of our favorite foods, right? Sorry. Always a catch. Those of us Greater than 50 also tend to require fewer calories for energy which means we want to prioritize foods that give us the biggest nutritional bang for the caloric buck. Optimizing our nutrient absorption is just about being more strategic about what and how we ingest.

Perennial always has taken a thoughtful, food-first approach to nutrition. Instead of adding a chemistry lab, we meticulously selected ingredients that most efficiently fill nutrient gaps we may lack as we age.

  1. We analyzed national data on nutritional intake – what are people eating and where are common gaps for those of us Greater than 50? (Vitamin B12, calcium, iron, magnesium)
  2. We investigated common lifestyle choices, food choices, diets of our customers.
  3. We evaluated genetic variations that might impact nutrient absorption (e.g. folic acid vs. folate for women).
  4. Finally, we zeroed in on needed nutrients that also played nicely together in the body – working toward greater absorption rather than less.

The result is a mighty, plant-based mini-meal that provides 8 grams of protein; 11-easily absorbed essential vitamins and minerals (including B12, B6, C, choline, and easier-to-digest folate), 5 grams of fiber, 32 grams of plant-based DHA Omega-3s, and only a 6 grams of sugar (40% less sugar than other leading nutritional drink brands for those of you keeping score at home).

Food should be fun, so, naturally, Perennial is as versatile as it is delicious. Our head of marketing at Perennial loves to make a hot chocolate as an afternoon treat. Orly in Chicago, IL adds Perennial to her afternoon coffee as a tasty latte treat that actually helps her refocus through the rest of the workday. How do you charge up your nutritional absorption with Perennial?