Plant-Based for the Planet


April 22 is Earth Day!

We would assert that EVERY day is Earth Day, but we are all in to celebrate this momentous day and hope you are, too! Held each year on April 22, this year marks the 51st green-iversary. 

We bet you have already adopted practices to help the home we all share! What are some examples of your eco-activities? Are there additional habits you could adopt?

At Perennial, we are serious about serving as stewards for our planet, and we know that the single greatest thing we can do as individuals is to avoid meat and dairy. (1) To adopt a fully plant-based diet.

Yes, recycling and repurposing are great! And, we plan to keep doing it. We are turning down our thermostats; riding our bikes instead of driving when we can; seeking out energy-efficient appliances; ditching single-use plastics (Perennial Daily Gut & Brain containers are recyclable in most municipalities). It’s all progress.

But, eliminating (or limiting) meat and dairy from our diets has the potential to drive the greatest impact.

Here’s why. Grain-fed beef production uses as much as 11,000 gallons of water for every pound of ground beef – more than a year’s worth of showers can be consumed in just one meal! 

Moreover, livestock is responsible for nearly 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, more than the entire transportation industry! (2)  Even meat and dairy farmers committed to low-impact agriculture still cause more damage to the planet than the least sustainable plant-based agriculture. (3)

The great news is that many Americans are choosing alternatives to meat and dairy. Hooray! But, unfortunately, meat and dairy industries continue to thrive and even grow.

For instance, meat consumption is up in all the world’s developed nations, with the U.S. at the forefront—did you know we Americans consume three times the global average!? (4) And, according to Dairy Business magazine, milk and yogurt consumption is down, but cheese and butter consumption continues to rise.

As we make the transition to a plant-based lifestyle, let’s not let perfect be the enemy of good! Perennial Daily Gut & Brain is a 100% plant-based and we are committed to a plant-based lifestyle, but we understand that people are at different points on their journey.

If you are ready to embrace a 100%-plant-based diet, that’s tremendous! But, even if you just start small by switching the cream in your coffee to nondairy (may we humbly suggest Perennial vanilla?); eliminating all red meat; extending meat-free Mondays to Tuesdays, or making those Mondays entirely plant-based; reducing your consumption of eggs; every bit counts and gets us closer to the goal of a happy, healthy planet (with the perk of a happier, healthy body, too!)

Here are some tips from friends who have made the switch from omni to plant-based.

  • Vegan mayo tastes exactly the same as regular.
  • When I add all the fixings like lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions – the works – I find I like plant-based burgers just as much as meat.
  • When I bake, egg replacer instead of eggs is a no-brainer and tastes the same.
  • I started using avocado or hummus as a spread on sandwiches.
  • I do love my chocolate. And, I love the creaminess of milk chocolate. I’m not a fan of dark. My new 3 p.m. go-to snack is Perennial Daily Gut & Brain chocolate heated in a mug. Mmmmmmmmm!
  • Cheese was the hardest thing for me to give up. I made an experiment of trying them all! Granted, some of them just will never be for me, but I found a few new favorites.