Prebiotics & Probiotics: Cultivating A Gut Garden

Imagine your gut as a garden. You know that to flourish, your garden needs pollination with a little helping hand from bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. But, how do you keep these important workers happy and strong?

When you create a welcoming habitat featuring a wide selection of their favorite plants—maybe some tasty milkweed, butterfly weed, purple coneflower—the pollinators thrive.

Our guts actually are quite similar to your garden! Think of probiotics—the live bacteria aka microbiome that provide a number of important health benefits—as the pollinators. Prebiotics – a type of fiber that humans cannot digest, but probiotic bacteria can—are the milkweed.

If you want to maintain a healthy gut, a priority that becomes even more important as we age, the key is offering attractive and tasty prebiotic-rich foods to strengthen those probiotics. It’s important to remember, this is not a “more is more” situation. It’s about finding and maintaining the right balance of prebiotics and probiotics, essential for a healthy and thriving ecosystem. To achieve this balance, we can give our existing bacteria the foods they love so they will grow big and strong, and we can consume more probiotic-rich foods (like yogurt, kombucha, and sauerkraut).

Chances are, you already are getting some prebiotic fiber in the foods you eat—beans, oats, garlic and onion, asparagus, for example. But, maybe not as much as you need to feed those hungry probiotic bacteria.

At Perennial, we are guided by our guts. With fully 70% of our body’s immunity residing in our gastro system, yeah, you can say we are serious about gut health. Which is why we made sure that each smooth and creamy serving of Perennial Daily Gut & Brain contains 5 grams of the prebiotic fiber probiotic bacteria crave. Fiber that aids digestive function, bolsters your body’s good bacteria, supports health immunity, and also happens to improve calcium absorption – a priority for those of us Greater than 50.