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Perennial non-dairy nutrition drink
 Live Perennial plant based beverage for seniors


42 reviews

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How We Crafted for the Modern Adult

Simply put, we've got your back.

Researched for nutrition

50+ adults are more active than ever, but often fall short in certain nutrients. Perennial has you covered.

Macronutrients Protein, Fiber, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (i.e. DHA Algal Oil)
Vitamins Folic Acid, Vitamin A, B12, B6, E, C, D
Minerals Iron, Calcium, Potassium

Inspired by milk, derived from plants

We took what we liked about dairy milk (taste, protein, calcium, and vitamins) but reduced sugar, added healthy fats, and removed cholesterol.

Personalized for 50+ adults

We added select nutrients for digestive health and mental sharpness—all without sacrificing taste.

What’s Inside

Thoughtfully Designed for Peak Body & Brain.

8g complete blend

Plant Protein Blend

8g complete blend

11 essential nutrients

Vitamins & Minerals

11 essential nutrients

High-quality source of monounsaturated fats

Sunflower Oil

High-quality source of monounsaturated fats

3g of prebiotic fiber


3g of prebiotic fiber

32 mg DHA Omega-3

Algal Oil Omega-3’s

32 mg DHA Omega-3

Nutrient Dense, Made Easy

Only 140 Calories. Complete Plant Protein. No Artificial Sweeteners & Colors.

Brain Health

32mg of DHA Omega-3S and 4 nutrient complex* to nourish the brain

*Choline, vitamin B12, vitamin E, folate
Bone Health

Excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin D

Digestive Health

3g of prebiotic fiber to support digestive function

Muscle Health

8g of quality and complete plant protein

Less is More

A Modern Approach for the Modern 50+ Adult.

No Artificial Colors or Flavors
No Artificial Sweeteners
Perennial Other Leading Brand
Calories 140 220
# ingredients 26 (50% less) 51
Sugar 8g (40% less) 15g
Sodium 105mg (47% less) 200g
No Artificial Sweeteners Liquid Sucralose
No Artificial Colors Red 3
No GMO Ingredients
Cholesterol-Free Food
Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 42 Reviews
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Claire .
United States United States
Best by a long shot!

This was such an easy breakfast for me because I’m a working mom of six children and getting my psychology degree as well. I need easy and good! There have been none that compared to this so I can’t wait to be able to order more!

JoAnna C.
United States United States
2 thumbs up

I'm always sceptical when trying these type of products, they usually taste horrible, but I was genuinely surprised with this one. Taste is way better than most. Would reccomend.

Katrina P.
United States United States

I loved this product! It made me feel so healthy and good after consuming it. For a healthy drink, this has probably been the most tastiest one I've tried. The packaging is really nice too. I also loved the box it arrived in. I would definitely recommend this to other people. I'm debating on ordering more after I write this!

Deborah T.
United States United States
Simply Amazing!

If you are looking for an alternative milk (I know this item is marketed for older people 50+) that has really great nutrients, this is it! I don't mind a product that's marketed towards a different demographic than my own. This could benefit people that are vegan, vegetarian or simply cannot have traditional foods (like milk) in their diet. To me the taste is just like almond milk just a little watered down (which is fine!). I've already tried it in my oatmeal AND coffee, it was perfect! I would suggest everyone try this product out, it's super good for you and taste yummy. :)

Celia M.
United States United States

It’s pretty good . Way better then I thought it would be . I love that it is dairy free