• What is Daily Gut & Brain?

    Daily Gut & Brain is a smartly crafted plant-based nutritional drink with primary emphasis on gut & brain health tailored for the body and brain of those > 50.

  • What is Daily Gut & Brain made of?

    Daily Gut & Brain is has no dairy ingredients and made with a blend of plant-based proteins (including Pea, Rice, and Non-GMO Soy), vitamins, minerals, and plant-based fiber. It is lightly sweetened with cane sugar and is offered in both a nutty vanilla flavor and smooth and satisfying chocolate flavor (made with real cocoa). We thoughtfully chose every ingredient, right down to the vitamins and minerals. This includes, but is not limited to, nourishing nutrients such as folate in its purest/ most absorbable form, a natural Vitamin E, choline, plant-based omega-3 DHA, and Vitamin D3. Daily Gut & Brain by Perennial also includes other functional ingredients like organic & plant-based locust bean gum, gellan gum, and dipotassium phosphate.

  • What does “plant-based” mean?

    Plant-based means the ingredient was derived from a plant – not an animal. For example, in Daily Gut & Brain you can find ingredients from plants such as Peas, Rice, Soy, Chicory Root, Algae, Sunflower, Guar and more.

  • Is Daily Gut & Brain a meal replacement?

    While Daily Gut & Brain has much (if not more) of the nutritional value you would get from a regular meal (8g of protein, 11 essential vitamins and minerals, fiber), it was not designed with a diet program. With only 140 calories per 8 fl oz bottle, and as much protein as a glass of dairy milk‡, we recommend starting your day with a Perennial drink or having as a mini-meal mid-morning to satisfy hunger and feel mentally sharp since each serving of Perennial supports brain health (32mg of DHA Omega-3s).

    It is important to stress that every person’s nutritional requirements are different and there is no one-size-fits-all plan for a healthy diet. For more information on a healthy diet, please consult a professional such as a registered dietitian or your doctor.

    *See product page for complete list of nutritional facts ‡ 1 cup of 2% milk contains 8g of protein. Milk data from USDA National Nutritional Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, release 28 (2015).

  • Can I drink Daily Gut & Brain to lose weight?

    Daily Gut & Brain is not designed to be a weight loss supplement. However, it makes a great filling snack with 8g of complete protein and only 140 Calories. It also is cholesterol-free, and has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. It will leave you feeling satisfied, and light enough to keep plowing through your day!

  • Where is Daily Gut & Brain made?

    Our beverage is produced in the USA.

  • Who came up with Daily Gut & Brain?

    Perennial was founded in California in 2016 by Sara Bonham and Brent Taylor. Frustrated by the lack of innovation for a forgotten and thriving demographic, the two set out to create a world they are excited to age into. After years of work and aligning themselves with partners in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, they have brought Perennial plant-based nutrition to you.

  • How do I contact the company Perennial?

    Feel free to reach out at hello@liveperennial.com or leave us a message at 1-800-403-5136 – we’d love to hear from you!

  • Who is Daily Gut & Brain made for?

    Perennial has been smartly crafted Daily Gut & Brain as a daily fuel for the body and brain of mature adults (50+). Our mission is to champion you in every way so that you keep on thriving.

  • What if I am not yet 50?

    As in many things in life, good things come with age. While it is entirely safe and acceptable to consume, it was personalized for body and brain over 50+. For example, a lot of the vitamins and minerals are tailored to what the active and busy adult does not get enough of from their diet. More so, our protein blend was designed for optimal digestibility, since stomach acid is reduced as we age making it harder to digest protein and nutrients.

  • Is Daily Gut & Brain safe to consume if I have a food allergy?

    Daily Gut & Brain contains the allergen Soy. Perennial does not contain gluten or dairy, and is made with non-GMO ingredients.

  • How do I use Daily Gut & Brain?

    You can use Daily Gut & Brain however you like! Due to the clean taste, it is quite versatile drink that can be used in a number of creative ways.

    Daily Gut & Brain does not need to be refrigerated but, like most drinks, is best consumed chilled.

    You can start your day with a Daily Gut & Brain as fuel for your body and brain – try it on its own while heading out the door. We also love to throw it in the blender with other ingredients for a delicious smoothie. Daily Gut & Brain makes for a great snack in between meals, or as that recharge you need following your daily work-out. Living well and ageing well with smart nutrition should now be easy (and delicious) to integrate into your busy schedule. Let us know how you like to use Daily Gut & Brain by tagging us on social media!

  • How long does Daily Gut & Brain last?

    Always check the “Best By” date printed on the individual packages. Daily Gut & Brain lasts for 1 year from the point of manufacturing.

    The shelf life of Daily Gut & Brain products reflects the nutrition they contain. A year after production, the vitamin blend begins to lose its potency. Due to this loss in nutrition, we recommend consuming your Daily Gut & Brain before either the expiration, best by date, or within one year of the manufacturing date — depending on the product label.

    If you notice that the flavor of your Daily Gut & Brain drink changes between packages, please check your product’s shelf life information and dispose if necessary.

  • Is the packaging recyclable?

    Yes – our Tetra Pak packaging is completely recyclable. Find a carton recycling facility in your area by visiting the Carton Council’s website at www.recyclecartons.com.

  • Does Daily Gut & Brain need to be refrigerated?

    No – our products are safely packaged in ultra-high temperature aseptic equipment which means they are shelf stable. Perennial tastes best when served cold, however, so we recommend you keep it in your refrigerator so it’s always ready to enjoy.

  • Is Daily Gut & Brain 100% vegan?

    Yes - Daily Gut & Brain is non-dairy and does not contain any ingredients derived from animals.

  • How are the Daily Gut & Brain chocolate and vanilla nutrition drinks made?

    Like many beverage products you can find in the store, Daily Gut & Brain is made using ultra high temperature aseptic processing – a common manufacturing process that keeps the product safe to consume even when kept at room temperature. This is combined with advanced form of pressure to form a natural and creamy emulsion, without the need for chemicals. Our processes extend the shelf-life up to 12 months.

  • Does Daily Gut & Brain contain Genetically Modified Ingredients (GMO's)?

    No – Perennial makes an effort to source all ingredients as Non-GMO and none of our ingredients come from genetically modified organisms. We have strict standards and conduct extensive testing after every production.

  • How much sugar is in Daily Gut & Brain?

    One single serving bottle of Daily Gut & Brain contains 6 grams of sugar (accompanied with 5g of fiber, reducing the total net carbs). We source a natural cane sugar and chose to avoid any artificial sweeteners such as sucralose (which 90% of other plant-based nutritional drinks contain).

  • Is Daily Gut & Brain organic?

    While a number of our ingredients are organic (i.e. Sunflower Oil, Cane Sugar, Locust Bean Gum), Daily Gut & Brain is not an organic certified product.

  • Does Daily Gut & Brain contain gluten?

    No – Daily Gut & Brain is not made with any ingredients that contain gluten. We are a gluten-free product and do extensive third-party testing after each production run to ensure compliance with this regulatory claim.

  • Is Perennial Daily Gut & Brain Kosher?

    Yes – Daily Gut & Brain ingredients all have Kosher certificates, and is certified Kosher Dairy.

  • Why do you use soy?

    By using non-GMO soy protein as a part of our plant protein blend. Daily Gut & Brain offers a complete protein with a high digestibility score (equal to cow’s milk!), a pleasant taste, and numerous functional attributes. Furthermore, we find that using non-GMO soy helps make for a great-tasting product.

  • Does Daily Gut & Brain contain carrageenan?

    No – Daily Gut & Brain does not contain carrageenan.

  • Is Daily Gut & Brain gluten, soy and considered to have no dairy ingredients?

    Daily Gut & Brain nutrition drink is gluten-free and contains non-dairy ingredients. Each drink does have non-GMO soy. We worked relentlessly to source non-GMO soy protein that has the same digestibility store as cow’s milk (no more bloating from plant-based beverages!). Note – the total amount of protein is a majority pea and rice protein, with added soy protein to ensure a complete protein (important to support muscle maintenance/health).

  • What kind of certifications does Perennial have?

    At Perennial we take food safety and quality very seriously have a comprehensive food safety and quality program that implements controls all the way from the supplier to the finished good. We only source ingredients from qualified suppliers and obtain certificates of analysis for rigorous physical, chemical, and microbiological criteria. Perennial products are manufactured at FDA-inspected, GFSI-certified facilities under a thorough food safety and quality program. Finished goods are subjected to additional microbiological testing before being released from the manufacturer and sent to our warehouses.

  • How should I store my Daily Gut & Brain drink?

    If unopened, Daily Gut & Brain does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature.

    Do NOT freeze or expose to warm temperatures for extended periods of time.

    Like most beverages, Daily Gut & Brain does test best when served chilled (recommended)!

  • The Daily Gut & Brain beverage I recently received is past its "best by" date. What should I do?

    If the bottle you purchased is past its “best by” date, please email hello@drinkperennial.com with your order number and we will resolve the issue.

  • Where can I buy Daily Gut & Brain?

    For a limited time, Daily Gut & Brain will be available in select CVS stores in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Area. Stay tuned to learn more about where to buy us on online.

  • I want to try Daily Gut & Brain before I buy it. How do I request a sample?

    Unfortunately, we are not offering samples at this time, but we do offer a 4-pack.

  • My question is not on here?

    No problem - feel free to reach out at hello@liveperennial.com. We are more than happy to answer any further questions you may have!

  • Where is Daily Gut & Brain manufactured?

    Daily Gut & Brain is manufactured in the United States of America.

  • I want to write about Perennial. Whom do I contact?

    Please email press@liveperennial.com with press inquiries.

  • What is a mini-meal?

    Daily Gut & Brain by Perennial is 140 Calories and is often consumed in between meals or as a light mini meal. With 11 essential vitamins and minerals, 5 g of prebiotic fiber, 32mg of DHA Omega-3's and 8 g of high-quality protein in each 8 fl oz bottle, Daily Gut & Brain provides the nutrition to fuel your brain and body.

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