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  • Purposeful nutrition.

    Created specifically to help those greater than 50 age better, Perennial is a complete source of the nutrients your body needs now – without anything extra.

  • Ready-to-go.

    No refrigeration or preparation needed. Simply grab a bottle when you need it, drink it and keep living.

  • Easy-access nutrients.

    Formulated for easy digestion and optimal absorption. Because nutrients are useless if your body can’t use them.

  • Plants, not labs.

    Our non-GMO approach uses the natural power of plants to support a healthy mind and body. This includes not using artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.

  • Taste. Perfected.

    Perennial’s smooth creamy texture and slightly-nutty-with-a-hint-of-vanilla flavor is crafted from a blend of four different proteins: peas, rice, non-GMO soy and almonds.

The good inside:


Make it right, not fast.

Our team of experts, which includes scientists, botanists, nutritionists and our own parents, spent two years researching and developing the perfect blend of ingredients, nutrients and taste. It was about making it right, not making it fast.

Inspired by milk, improved by plants.

Using plants as our power ingredients, we recreated what we loved about dairy milk (the taste, the texture, the high nutrient value) and left out the stuff we didn’t; cholesterol, lactose and high sugars.

Ahead of the game.

Perennial Other Leading Brand
Calories 140 220
# ingredients 26 (50% less) 51
Sugar 8g (40% less) 15g
Sodium 105mg (47% less) 200g
No Artificial Sweeteners Liquid Sucralose
No Artificial Colors Red 3
No GMO Ingredients
Cholesterol-Free Food

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