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Plants have an incredible ability to optimize healthy aging. At Perennial we leverage the unique properties of plants and blended them in a proprietary formulation to create a clean, refreshing drink that eliminates what may be holding you back (i.e. cholesterol & lactose), while promoting vitality, mental sharpness, and optimal digestion.  

Don't compromise on maintaining a better, thriving YOU.  Let the power of plants help you enjoy The New Age. 

Smooth & satisfying taste

We use the best properties from four plant proteins (i.e. the creaminess of almonds, the nutrition of pea protein, etc.) and gently blend them together to create a smooth texture and a clean taste.

Mental sharpness

We combine DHA (Omega-3s) from Algae with a 4 nutrient complex to nourish the brain (Choline, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, Folate).

Digestible protein

We blend 4 plant proteins to create a complete and digestible profile that is optimal for absorption in the gut.

Increased diversity of gut bacteria

We mix plant proteins with prebiotic fiber to feed the billions of bacteria in your gut and reduce inflammation. Science shows that diversity of gut bacteria promotes healthy aging.